Henry Vilas Zoo | Mobile Application

Henry Vilas Zoo's Official iPhone / iTouch / iPad Application.

Imagine having an application that brings rich content about the zoo right to your fingertips... anytime, anywhere. A pocket-sized digital guide to the zoo.

Whether you are at home, at the zoo or just somewhere, the Henry Vilas Zoo mobile app will bring the zoo to you. Our application brings the zoo right to your mobile device and allows you to learn about your favorite animals, discover the attractions, view a map, browse current happenings, sift through animal facts, discover history of the zoo, plan your visit and much more.

When you arrive at the zoo the application becomes your personal tour guide and provides a state of the art experience. As you enter the zoo you are presented with information about special events for the day or where to catch a bite to eat. Our GPS enabled app will automatically display detailed information for outdoor Animals & Attractions as you walk throughout the zoo.


DIGITAL GUIDE: Use the app to get connected to the Henry Vilas Zoo and view detailed information about the animals and attractions. When you are at the zoo use the app to enhance your experience.

PERSONAL TOUR BUIDE (GPS): When you are at the zoo let the application provide real-time information about outdoor animals / attractions near you.

NEWS / EVENTS: Quickly access all the latest news and learn about the upcoming events.

PLAN YOUR VISIT: Make the most of your visit with a little preparation. View a map of the zoo to see where your favorite animals or attractions are located, get step by step directions, view parking information and check the zoo hours.

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