Secure Portal Solutions

By now you've heard of a sales portal or employee portal... sometimes the term portal is over used although the concept is well understood.  When you provide an audience with information based on who they are via a mobile application or web browser you have in essence created a portal.

Imagine a sales team enabled through a mobile application that provides all the latest marketing material coupled with real-time customer sales data - kaboom!  You've officially enabled your sales team and created a dynamic and efficient method of empowering your best staff while creating a quick on-boarding process for new team members.

Within a portal individual accounts are used to access resources.  Imagine an association that wants to provide enhanced information to members to provide the best value and ensure renewals - with individual logins each member can access secure information based on their profile, events they have attended, purchased made, etc.

Corporate mobile applications for your team, web-based portal solutions to better connect your employees or business partners, member portals for associations or an eCommerce platform for your on-line business - Contact Us now to setup a whiteboard discussion.