Total WebControl Suite

Our Total WebControl product includes the ability to manage your SEO and includes our state of the art content management tool (Total WebControl), Newsroom, Events Calendar and Resource Center modules, dynamic site-wide search, RSS feeds and more.  Learn all the details now!

Total WebControl - Product Overview

Standard Modules - (included with Total WebControl Suite)

Content Management Solution - provides the ability to fully manage your website content - anytime/anywhere.  Our solution features an easy to use interface (similar to Microsoft Word) to accomplish your daily content management tasks - add content, insert images, insert PDF documents.  And of course you can leverage key features such as spell check, insert special characters, wrap text around images, create hyperlinks, insert a YouTube video, and many more.

Newsroom - let this dynamic module automatically sort and archive your news articles.  Want to feature select news stories to your homepage... just click a button and you've done it.  And yes - this module includes an RSS feed so your visitors can easily stay in tune with your news.

Events Calendar - having trouble keeping your events updated?  Similar to our Newsroom this is a dynamic module that automatically sorts and archives events.  This means the day after an event ends we automatically move the event from your events calendar to your archive - so you always have the most current - upcoming - events at the top of your list.  You can also "tag" events with specific properties to allow for enhanced sorting of events.  And yes - this module includes an RSS feed so your visitors can easily stay up to date with your current events.

Resource Center - if you have a wealth of resources you would like to categorize and allow your visitors to search - this is a perfect fit.  Use a simple web-based form to manage your resources and let our technology do the rest.

Site-Wide Website Search - when you enter content throughout your site all of the information is instantly added into the site-wide search tool.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - built into our content management solution is the ability to update your key SEO parameters for each page of your website. 

Ready to take your website to the next level?  Take a look at our premium modules that can easily be added to your website.

Remember - anything is possible on the web - if you are looking for a specific application for your business just contact us to schedule a discovery session or product demonstration.